Dementia and life long learning… another reason to head back to school.



Being a nurse in Gerontology, and a child of parents with dementia, memory and learning has a different meaning to me. Everyday I teach nurses about the normal aging process and specifically how dementia, the loss of memory and learning is demonstrated in those around us.

I am heartened to learn that participating in life long learning has been shown to help older adult increase their overall level of activity and actually improve memory functioning. This is another reason to encourage our students to continue along a path of life long learning.

“The researchers also suggest that reduced mental stimulation may lead to a decrease in cognitive functioning as people grow older.   An enriched environment, whether through a formal university program or self-directed learning, has an important role in active aging and helping older adults compensate for cognitive and emotional decline. “


… for forgetting the kettle? I am not going to tell you the number of times that I come into my kitchen and find my cup with a dry tea bag in it! A good “work around” that I have developed that prevents me from forgetting about the kettle is to stand and make a pot of tea… then head off on whatever I thought I was going to do… if I remember…



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