Mindset, growth or fixed?



fixedvsgrowth-670x821.jpg.jpgThe concept that every individual is born with a certain level of intelligence and talent, and that there is no way that you can increase or change this is so limiting, so fixed. I have experienced a teacher with a fixed mindset first hand.

I’ll admit, my son is not a rocket scientist but he produced a steady C+ to B level of work from K to grade 4. I will admit that he never put much work into achieving this grade but he had other priorities in life (or so he thought!). At the meet the teacher night in grade 5 his teacher (one that we had heard great things about) he shared that my son was a C- and would only ever be a C-. He said there was no point in trying to promote higher education, as he wouldn’t get there. Talk about infuriating and even worse, he shared his “insight” in front of my son.

Interestingly, from a clinical observation point of view my son began to produce C- work. He didn’t “apply himself” and choose to scrape by. How infuriating. He/we survived that year.

In grade 6 he had a different teacher who challenged my son at the meet the teacher night and inquired why his grades were so slow the previous year. This teacher obviously had a growth mindset and believed in the potential in my son. To say the least my son became engaged and motivated to learn and produced solid “B”s all year. He continued to produce solid “B”s through high school.

Here is a link for a mindset test to see what tendency you possess.



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