Flipped Classroom? Not a fan!

Five Reasons AGAINST the Flipped Classroom

By now you have heard the wonderful benefits of a flipped classroom approach to teaching.

I have mixed feeling about the flipped classroom model as a learning environment.

Here are some of my thoughts on the flipped classroom as a learning environment. I will be honest, I have not taught in this environment, nor have I been a learner in this environment.

I understand that it is designed to give students more control and input into their learning. This is great! Having the education material online the learner is able to pause, and review the education material over and over again enabling a greater opportunity for deeper knowledge. But what if your learners are not motivated?

The flipped classroom model is aimed at promoting student centered learning and collaboration. This is an awesome concept if all of the learners come prepared and are all of similar skill levels. What if the teacher is challenged by a significant number of high need students who require that additional time? Does this not leave the rest with “free time”?

As for student collaboration, my thoughts instantly revert to those classroom projects where I was not one of the “chosen” and always ended up in a eclectic group of underachievers and was often “the one” who did the work for the group benefit.

From my understanding the flipped classroom works well as long as each learner has significant and similar Internet access to the learning materials prior to class. This is a huge issue for me as we are creating an entire generation who will not live as long as the previous generation due to an obsession with the Internet and online gaming. This has resulted in reduced physical activity and obesity. Our kids need to be outside and active if they are out of class.






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