Balancing Learning Styles


Nurses come in various forms, shapes and learning styles. I have always held to the belief that nursing is a member of the arts and science and as such nurses need to be visual and audiory learners, primarily. As today’s nursing model shifts more towards the Licensed Practical Nurse (and more trade-like) and further away from the Registered Nurse model as educators in the workplace, we need to shift our teaching strategies.

Maryellen Weimer’s (2014) article on learning styles very grounding as it put the concept of learning styles into perspective.

Weimer, (2014) states, “The point is not to match teaching style to learning styles but rather to achieve balance, making sure that each style preference is addressed to a reasonable extent during instruction.”

You will have a mix of learning styles and there is a number of free assessments to determine yours, try this one:

This short summary outlines how different parts of the brain are engaged with different learning styles

This paper from the Journal of Social Sciences provides a little more in-depth understanding of the effect of learning styles on teaching.






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