A Pedagogical experience as an adult learner…

As a student of the PIDP program I have been madly researching and writing papers, blogging on the theories of education and how to best to engage, motivate and create a community of adult learners. I will admit that I love theoretical concepts and assumptions. However, lurking beneath the surface of this “new and improved” educator are the tried and true Pedagogical education practices that I have held near and dear to my heart for the past…. (I won’t say how many years!)

Today I found myself in a classroom with 10 other adult learners at the mercy of an educator who had no concept of (Knowles, 1973) Andragogical assumptions as stated by Merriam. S., and Bierema,L., (2013) on page 47. His lack of knowledge of the adult learner silently screamed as he started into reading his notes. No introductions of our classmates, no housekeeping, no declaration of learning goals or timeline of class.

Imagine this, a class of 10 adults from different walks of life, with different learning goals at different stages of learning. The life experiences in the room were rich and yet he didn’t care. We ranged in age from ~20 to almost 60. Some needed the course for work, some for school and some for personal reasons.

Did the educator achieve his goal? Yes, he believes he taught us CPR and made his X dollars to do it.

As the learner did I achieve my learning goal? I achieved a much greater learning goal than ever imagined. Experiencing Pedagogical practices first hand was devaluing, and disengaging. My eyes were opened to how much more the adult learner and even the educator can gain from using the theories of adult learning and especially the Andragogical assumptions.

Merriam, S., & Bierema, L., (2013), Adult Learning; Linking Theory and Practice,

San Francisco, Jossey-Bass

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


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