Trends in Adult Education… Is blogging the way of the future for adult education?

Is blogging the future for adult education? What is a blog? According to Merriam Webster (2016), a blog is “Web site that contains online personal reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer”.

As I begin to research trends in adult education it appears that blogging may actually be the ideal forum for adult education. The blog provides “an excellent opportunity for the student of today to create short posts while building their writing skills and confidence”according to Morris, G. Many students of today have grown up in the public environment of the Internet and lack the fear of public communication that still exists amongst many adults of my generation. Blogging in many ways is just an extension of the short post that happens daily on Facebook, Twitter, or in emails. Yet posts in the blogging arena can under instructor tutelage have the structure and focus that will guide the adult learner through the course requirements.

The blog meets many of the needs of the adult learner such as; autonomy, self-direction, practicality and relativity as many work environments today are based on emails and texting as the primary form of communication. The blog forum also creates an environment of community that is often lacking in the current distance/online learning environment. Of interest to me is the concept that blogging is considered a relatively safe public environment. This concept is not shared amongst many of my generation and I too have a disinclination to share or rather blog my thoughts beyond meeting my course requirements.


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