Trends in the field of Nursing

The globalization of the world is reflected in today’s nursing practice and formulates the basis for nursing trends in the future. The average patient or client is more acute, more knowledgeable, and has far higher expectations for care today than even 10 years ago.

One of the strongest drivers of nursing trends according to Heller, B.R., Oros, M.T., Durney-Crowley, J., (2000) is that this is the era of the educated consumer. The patient of today comes complete with a self-diagnosis, a list of demands, and an expectation of service timelines. As the population ages and the Internet increases the medical awareness of the public; this demand for service is going to increase. The Millennial of today presents themselves as a consumer of healthcare services rather than a patient. The challenge occurs when nursing tries to balance patient need with public demand for service. In many ways I believe that this more than anything will change how we look at the profession of nursing in the future.

Heller, B. R., Oros, M. T., & Durney-Crowley, J. (2000). The future of nursing education: Ten trends to watch. Nursing and Health Care Perspectives21(1), 9-13.

Attribution-NoDerivs  CC BY-ND


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