A life long learner with a passion for nursing.

My profession is in healthcare. I am a Registered Nurse with 35 years of experience, from Intensive Care to Rehabilitation, from Paediatrics to Gerontology. Being in administration for 10 years took me away from the bedside but never diminished my passion of caring for patients and their families.

Meeting the love of my life, transplanted me to the Okanagan in 2013, with plans to retire. A year and half of golf and travel did nothing to decrease my passion for nursing and in September 2016 I will return to the healthcare environment as the Regional Education Coordinator for the Good Samaritan Society. My role will be creating a learning environment for staff at five different facilities in the Okanagan.

I have my BSN through BCIT, and started my Masters thru UBC online (life as it happens, got in the way of completing my Masters).

As I start the readings I am intrigued by what motivates an adult to continuing on the path of life long learning. According to Merriam, S., and Bierema, L., (2013) an adult is “those whose age, social roles, or self-perception, define them as adults” (page 8). So, I guess that I am an adult (by this definition) venturing yet again down the path of life long learning.

Merriam, S., & Bierema, L., (2013), Adult Learning; Linking Theory and Practice,

San Francisco, Jossey-Bass

Attribution-NoDerivs  CC BY-ND


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